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Pleasure, What’s That?

Pleasure, What’s That? by Evelyn Resh Modern women are amazing. We have high-powered careers, smart kids, terrific partners, lots of exciting friends, beautiful homes, and financial savvy. We seem to know how to manage big money, big responsibilities, and big orgasms with the partners of our choice, and all on our own terms. The exterior […]

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How sex can make you more powerful.

March, 2013 – Describing something as powerful  is often a way we caution people about its fundamental essence or properties and imply they pay close attention should they come in contact with it; Powerful drinks are a bit naughty and dangerous, powerful people are high-risk, powerful medicine is something to be taken  judiciously.  But what […]

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How to Help Your Daughter Manage College Stress

Sending your daughter out into the world can be tough—especially if she moves far from home. Luckily, Evelyn Resh has six loving ways to help you support her through the stress of living independently at college. I spent the better part of 20 years as a college student. This was as a result of going […]

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Does My Daughter Have an Eating Disorder?

 According to the National Eating Disorders Association, as many as 11 million Americans suffer annually from eating disorders. That’s why Evelyn Resh wants to make you aware of six warning signs to watch for when it comes to your teenage daughter’s relationship with food. The parents of teen girls have plenty to worry about: high school […]

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