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Are Your Ready for Your Fatkini?

A few years ago the cover story on my Mount Holyoke alumna news magazine was about Gabi Gregg, alumna, designer, and activist who had taken on fat-hating culture with a vengeance. Gabi is the brainchild behind the Fatkini, a two-piece bathing suit close enough in style and cut to be the bikini of choice for […]

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The Hazards of Binary Thinking…

I recently attended a conference on sexuality and gender with presenters whose scholarship, professional practice, and presentation styles were so rich and meaningful that I walked away with a mind full of new and enriched content. But,the binary thinking that we all fall prey to when it comes to sex and gender was a conference […]

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How much do you care about yourself?

A very unfit and sexually underserved patient of mine recently told me that she had started exercising.  When I asked for details she said: I exercise 5 minutes a day now. My facial expression must have revealed my “Oh, please!” opinion as she quickly added: It’s more than I used to do! Well, not really. […]

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If Sex is Boring, Maybe You Are Too…

Clients 50 and older who come to me for sexuality counseling  with a chief complaint of decreased libido have often conclude before they arrive that their disinterest in sex is likely due to sexual ennui. This is especially the case if they’ve been in a long-term relationship. The assumption that the longer couples are together […]

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