Evelyn Resh

Sexuality Counseling and Women's Health.

Evelyn Resh is a Certified Sexuality Counselor/CSC, Certified Nurse-Midwife/CNM, writer, and speaker.  She is an experienced practitioner who has been in practice since 1992. 

What Does Evelyn Do?

Evelyn provides care and counseling to individuals and couples (of all orientations) for the following problems:
-Low or absent sexual desire.
-Difficulty having orgasms.
-Post medical or surgical sexuality problems.
-Desire discrepancies in couples.
-Effects of negative self-image on sexual activity.
- Sexual concerns related to peri- and post-menopause.
-Life-style issues and sexuality.
-Vaginal pain/dryness with sex because of menopause, medication, or surgery.
-Limited knowledge about sex.
-Pre-marital sexual counseling.
-Assessment, triage, and referral for trauma-based sexual problems.
-Post-child-birth experiences and their relationship to sexual function. 

What Makes Me Different From a Sex Therapist?

Not all sexual problems are related to problems in your relationship.  Determining this can be complex. My medical education and clinical experience distinguishes me from my mental health colleagues in terms of my diagnostic skills. I am trained to make medical diagnosis and assess overall health status and its impact on bodily functions, including sexual activity.  I am also able to prescribe medications if needed to facilitate sexual activity.  

I do not do intensive, long-term psychotherapy or work with people whose trauma background is severely impacting their sexual function.  Nor am I trained to do complex couples therapy. Should I find this is needed I will refer out to my sex therapy colleagues or other appropriate practitioners.  

I am a solution-focused practitioner. Generally, this means that I work with clients on an intermittent or short-term basis.  My counseling style focuses on clarification of goals and development of a realistic plan for achieving them. Through comprehensive assessment, education, and guidance, many people seeking greater sexual satisfaction will be successful with this model of care.  

Why Work With Me?

After earning my nursing degree I was awarded a full scholarship to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Mount Holyoke College.  Subsequently, I completed a certification in Midwifery from Baystate Midwifery Education Program, a Master of Public Health degree at Boston University, and a Master of Nursing at American International College.  My practice is uniquely influenced and enhanced by my diverse educational background.  I make every effort to consider the whole person in temperament, knowledge about sexuality, and life-style choices and how these impact health and achievement of goals for sexual satisfaction.  

I have been in practice for over 25 years and am an experienced clinician. My medical and counseling training and certification through national organizations assures you that my education in the fields of human sexuality and medicine have been comprehensive and that I have met national standards for practitioners in the fields of sexuality counseling, women’s health, and midwifery.  

Certified Nurse-Midwives in MA have been granted independent prescriptive authority which affords you more direct access to medication if necessary (I will not prescribe narcotics or stimulant medications.) Because of my years in clinical practice I understand the impact that chronic health problems, surgeries, and concomitant health problems can have on overall health, well-being, and sexual activity and how these factors may be impacting your overall health and/or sexual function. 

My clinical practice style is warm, highly personalized, integrative in nature, and solution-focused.